A Mission

Making the Seven Seas safe for commercial interests, protecting fish farms so the supply of Salmon Pops may never be disrupted, and teaching other sentient mammals who's boss--what better destiny could anyone want?


Dolphin Watch will always provide you with room, board, transportation, and smart blue uniforms (except in cases where we regrettably cannot). As a large employer that pays below poverty-level wages, we have the ability to negotiate deals with local municipalities, such as utilizing their health care systems.

See the World!

Dolphin Watch is the opposite of a boring desk job. Come join the crew, help us chase down the enemy to whatever watery lair in which they lurk!

Beautiful locations. It’ll blow your mind.

See the places tourists aren't allowed. What an incredible opportunity!

Fulfilling Work. See for yourself.

Being part of the team. Having a mission. Catching dolphins. What could be better?

The joy of being a minion. Checkmate.

You'll never have to make a decision again. Together, we can make the seas safe from dolphin pirates!